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Fundraising Tips

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2014 Jet Pull Participant Center

Pledge Sheets:

MS Jet Pull Pledge Sheet

Run MS 5K Rhode Race Pledge Sheet

  • Set up a personal web page to manage your donations, promote your ride and let your friends know what you are doing and how to help. Change your voicemail and answering machine greeting to include your participation in the 2012 MS Jet Pull
  • Create a return address labels that state:  “I’m participating in the (insert the event you are participating in). Will you sponsor me?”
  • Wear an MS Join the Movement bracelet . . . people will ask what they are for.
  • Make a list of pledge donors today and list the amount of money you’re counting on them to pledge. 
  • Hold a Bake Sale at work. Ask some friends to bake some goodies for you so you don’t have to do all the baking yourself. Or, have a Root Beer Float Social one afternoon at work. Get the ice cream and root beer donated.
  • Hold a Silent Auction. Ask stores in your area to donate something, i.e. $10 worth of dry cleaning, book of 5 car washes, free sandwiches or drinks, a week of free coffee. Set minimum pledge limits. Hold the auction over a week and notify the winners.  This is a great idea for work.
  • Identify one corporate sponsor who you can ask for a large donation
  • Ask your church/synagogue if you can make a short presentation at the next service. Be sure to prepare your presentation ahead of time.
  • Post status on Facebook or another social networking site asking all of your friends to donate! 
  • Hold a Garage Sale. Ask you friends and family to donate items and use all the profits towards your pledge goal.
  • Ask the waiters in your favorite restaurant if they will donate a perentage of one day’s tips. Or, if you work in a restaurant, ask your colleagues to donate tips to a pledge jar.
  • Hold a Mow-a-thon. Get your kids involved and declare a weekend where you’ll mow your neighbor’s lawns for $50 (or whatever amount you want to set.)
  • Hold a dinner party with a special theme for 10 of your friends. Donation:  $50/person. Spend no more than $20 a person on food and you’ll have over $300 in pledges!
  • Hold a car wash at your office or church. Ask some local businesses to donate the items you’ll need for the car wash and get your kids and their friends involved in helping do the car washing.
  • Hit up your Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Therapists, Insurance Agents, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Veterinarians, Hair Stylists, etc. You’ve given them enough money, now it’s their turn!
  • In your neighborhood leave letters/packets on front doors to get donations from your neighbors.
  • Find a local artist or ask your creative friends to donate a piece of art or jewelry that you can raffle off.
  • Ask a manager of a local bar or restaurant if you can hold a fundraiser one evening. Get a band that is willing to donate their services and charge a cover at the door.
  • Send a pledge letter to all your friends and family. It should include the amount you are asking for and a date/deadline when you want to hear from the person.
  • Get your apartment complex to donate one month’s rent to sponsor you.
  • In lieu of a gift on your birthday or other occasion, ask your family & friends to make a pledge to the NMSS on your behalf.
  • If you are pulling in honor of a loved one with MS, include a picture of you with your loved one in your pledge letter, on posters, etc.
  • Delegate. Give 10 friends 10 pledge forms and ask them to get pledges for you.
  • Send letters to the parents of kids on your child’s sports (soccer, baseball, etc.) teams.
  • Hold a movie party at your house / apartment. Every time a buzz word is spoken (run, pull, race, team, rope) everyone antes up $1 in pledge bowl.
  • Find companies looking for a tax write-off. Ask your friends and family to help you on this one.
  • Just because potential donors have not given you any money yet, it does not mean that they are not going to donate. Follow-up is a critical aspect of fundraising.  Call all potential donors today.  Remember, it isn’t “No” until they say “No”.
  •  Hold a Pie Raffle at work or church. Ask friends to bake pies and set a minimum pledge of $5.
  • Hold a Garden Tour at your home or local historical home. Get it promoted in the local newspaper. Remember, the cost of the tour will be tax-deductible.
  • Ask your favorite bar if you can be the Bartender for a night and keep all your tips. Make sure you tell your friends to stop by the bar that night.
  •  Make up Business Cards with the event information, your name and address. Hand them out to everyone you meet.
  • Ask your Hair Salon if they would donate $2.00 of each haircut over a weekend to you.
  • Contact the National Chapter of your college fraternity or any social organization you belong to and ask them for a big donation. If you did not belong to a Fraternity or Sorority, ask someone who did.
  • Create a rolling screen saver at work as a subtle reminder of your commitment to participate in the event.
  • Post an e-mail on your company’s “Announcements” bulletin board.  Send respondents a pledge form.
  • When asking for pledges, mention to your potential donors that “my average pledge has been around $X. Can you sponsor me?”
  • Babysit, house-sit, and water the garden. Any chores you would normally do for free for neighbors, friends, or family, this time leave a pledge form and ask them for a pledge.
  •  Next time your bring your car in for service, ask your auto mechanics for a pledge.
  • On your e-mail account, set up your signature with a link to e-pledges on your behalf.