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MS Jet Pull 2013
October 5, 2013


Thank you so much to all who came out and participated, volunteered, spectated AND supported the 7th annual Jet Pull!


Ron Stella so kindly volunteered his time on Saturday morning to take pictures during the first couple waves.  If you would like to check out the pictures and see if you were caught please visit:

All money from picture sales goes back to the RI Chapter.  Thanks again, Ron!

19 teams accepted the challenged and pulled their hardest to bring home a coveted trophy as well as help to create a world free of MS.

Congratulations to everyone for taking part in such a team-building day and joining us in the fight against MS!

A special congratulations to team Wing”nuts” who won the trophy for fastest pull!

We still have one more trophy left to give out!  The trophy for the Highest Fundraising Team is waiting to go to its new home.   

So far our spectacular teams have help to raise $55,000 and we can’t thank you enough!

But let’s not stop there….

Can we make it to $70,000?

Your tired, your arms are sore, you have rope burn, your legs hurt, your throat is hoarse from cheering, …BUT IT’S NOT OVER! Please continue to spread about the fabulous MS Jet Pull.


You have until November 8th to continue to fundraise and/or donate in a chance to take home the trophy.

Stay tuned to find out who will win the last and final trophy of 2013….. 

                  TEAM           1st PULL     2nd PULL  LIGHTEST PULL (lbs)           AWARD
Wing "nuts" 8.3 6.447 3678.6 FASTEST PULL
Team Massage Envy 9.236 7.994 3460.4  
WTS- Rhode Island 8 8.081 3057.7  
FedEx 7.304 6.976 3360.2  
Camo for a Cure 6.977 7.886 3478.4 TEAM SPIRIT
Team Binkeez 8.891 7.698 3502.2  
Torres' Tug Team 7.553 7.507 3302.6  
Betsy's Buddies 8.318 7.469 3346.8  
KLR 7.412 7.81 3168  
Pull Together 8.944 7.077 3109.3  
West Warwick Elks 7.522 7.539 2651.2 LIGHTEST PULL
Titans of the Tarmac 9.512 7.969 2817.7  
Sodexho's Lunch Bunch 7.854 9.231 4455 HEAVIEST PULL
Lift Up 7.963 7.555 3282.6  
Souza 8.593 9.48 3357.2  
Jazzy's Jet Setters 8.681 8.192 4325.7  
Halloween Heroes 10.694 9.158 3167.6 SLOWEST PULL
Thin Blue Swine Charity Team 7.201 6.671 3363 2nd FASTEST PULL
Launch 8.716 9.341 3049